About Us

Our Story is Your Story

This Is Our Story

We are Angie and Chris Newsom.  We live in the small town of Whitsett, NC and have been in love with furniture and decorating for many years.  We have two children, a girl and a boy who are nine years apart, but only inches from our heart.  We love the aesthetic beauty that the right furniture can bring to a house, but we know that a home is not truly beautiful unless it is filled with love, and good, loving relationships.

We pride ourselves in trying to keep those things beautiful first.  Then we decorate for style and comfort.

Our little house is situated on about 4 beautiful acres where, at any time, a family of deer, a skunk or a coyote may also share in calling it their home.  We have aptly named our little house ‘The Cottage’, and we certainly could not have picked a better name.  We have done our best to give it the feel of both a cozy place to call home, but also with the irresistible delights of a country bed and breakfast.

This shop, Cozy & Worn, was born from our love of furniture that takes you to another country, another world, or another time.  Whether distressed furniture, Shabby Chic, cottage or even french provincial styles are what move you, we know you will find something here that will illuminate the part of your soul that you pour into your own home.

The name says it all, and every piece of furniture we sell is a testament to that statement.  A bit worn, but immersed in comfort.

This is Your Story

Now it is your turn.  Your turn to join the story.  This store is your chance to join us and celebrate our mutual love for beautiful distressed and worn furniture.

We have a wonderful selection of pieces that will give your home a sense of character, beauty and heart.  Each piece speaks to each person differently so we have tried to assemble a large selection of the best pieces from the finest craftsman, and furniture builders in the world, so that you can find one or more that will speak to you.

Your story begins in your own home.  Let your home decor be a vision to your guests of the things that make you and your family unique, special, and different.

Let it narrate your story to the world.